01 Jul

Firing up NetBox

Over at Packet Life, stretch has been talking about his/Digital Ocean’s cool new IPAM/DCIM. It’s open source, being developed like crazy and has some interesting features (for me, the ability to document my lab setup which is getting out of hand seems like a good place to start).

I ran through the installer on Github and squirted the install onto a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 LTS server on AWS. Here are my thoughts…

  • The install instructions were very well written for a fresh OSS product, pretty much nothing¬†failed the first time through. This is reminiscent of other Digital Ocean documentation I have read. I did need to jump out of editing a config file to generate a key, but that’s minor.
  • From an absolute beginner with Linux pov (not quite the boat I’m in, but a boat I was fairly recently in) – there are a few things missing (like when to sudo/be root or not per command). It’s not a noobs setup guide, but it is pretty easy to follow otherwise.
  • The installation/setup takes around 10-15 mins including generating the AWS EC2 host
  • The interface of NetBox looks lovely and clean

That was pretty easy and quite smooth to install. Now it’s up and running I can’t wait to document my lab and post the results up here.


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