21 May

Mikrotik Firewall – For Home Users

Mikrotik make routers that are affordable enough for the home user market, but are quite powerful and come without too many training wheels. I’m using the RB2011UAS-2HnD-IN as a home router, wireless AP and firewall. It’s powerful and configurable enough to do pretty much anything I’ve thrown at it – but out of the box it’s probably a bit too open to attacks from randos.

Here’s a firewall script I’ve deployed on the home gateway, with the following parameters

Home LAN Subnet –
Home LAN Gateway –

This firewall script can be used to somewhat lockdown access to your router/home LAN without too much struggle. It’s probably missing a few bits and pieces, but seems to have put and end to hackers trying to brute-force root access via SSH over the internet – so far.

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